August’s Wine of the Month

Introducing the Caymus – by the glass!

This June, our sommelier puts the spotlight on one of our high-end offerings – the exceptional Caymus, now served by the glass via our innovative Coravin system.

Caymus, renowned for its luxurious and rich flavor profiles, has often been perceived as a wine that requires full bottle commitment. However, at PORTERS, we’re breaking the barrier. Through the Coravin, a revolutionary technology that allows the wine to be poured without removing the cork, we’re giving our patrons the opportunity to savor this premium wine by the glass.

Extravagant yet approachable, each glass of Caymus echoes the essence of its Napa Valley roots – voluptuous dark fruits, a whisper of spices, and an alluring, velvety finish. It’s a seamless blend of power and elegance, making it a perfect companion for our gourmet dishes.

This is not just another glass of wine; it’s an experience. It’s a rare opportunity to explore the depth and complexity of a top-tier wine like Caymus without the need for a full-bottle indulgence. A chance to engage with luxury in a whole new, accessible manner.

Join us at PORTERS and delve into this exquisite experience. The perfect pour awaits you. Here’s to savoring the finer things, one glass at a time!