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                                                      TO- GO – CURBSIDE – DELIVERY – ROOM SERVICE MENU

                                                                  All Day Platters

ALL DAY BREAKFAST 2 eggs, hash potato cake, bacon, sliced brisket, or jalapeño sausage, toast, jam 9.5
BREAKFAST TACOS 2 tacos stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheddar, and bacon, brisket, or jalapeño sausage 8.5

BREAKFAST WAFFLE  giant waffles, fresh berries, whipped butter, warm maple syrup 9.5

                                                                 Porters Smokehouse

                                                          Served with BBQ beans and ColeSlaw or Potato Salad

2 MEAT PLATTER smoked Brisket and/or Jalapeño Sausage 14

PORTERS BBQ SAMMY smoked Brisket, sliced or chopped, and/or Jalapeño Sausage 10.5

GIANT STUFFED BRISKET POTATO butter, cheddar, brisket, sour cream & chives 9.5

SMOKEHOUSE BRISKET NACHOS just-made chips, spicy beans, cheddar, jalapeños, sour cream, chives 10.5

                                                       Porters Burgers & Craft Sandwiches

                                                                                   French Fries or 1Side
PORTERS ALL-DAY BURGER cheddar, gouda, bacon, tabasco, egg over easy, side fixins’ 12

WOOD FIRED BBQ BURGER slathered with BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, grilled onions 12
PORTERS HOT BIRD jalapeño brined, habanero-honey glaze, gouda, avocado 12

                                                                                      Taco Truck (2)

HICKORY SMOKED TACOS chopped brisket, tomatoes, pico de gallo, crema, cotija 10.5

JALISCO DE POLLO TACOS smoked chicken, spicy Jalisco cream, roasted corn & red pepper hash, cotija 9.5

CAMARONES TEMPURA fried shrimp, habanero-honey glaze, slaw, cilantro 10.5

PORTERS CHIMI-CHURI STEAK TACOS thinly sliced steak, fire roasted onion & peppers, corn relish 11.5

                                                                    Porters Kitchen

PORTERS SKILLET FRIED STEAK premium round, lightly fried, pan-made gravy, mashers & green beans 14.5

CHICKEN FINGERS BASKET pan-made gravy and dipping sauce, double blanched French Fries 12

ATLANTIC SALMON pan sautéed with roasted garlic & shallots wine sauce, green beans and glam salad 16

PORTERS SMOKEHOUSE SALAD fine greens’, bacon, avocado, croutons, topped with char-grilled steak or fire grilled shrimp …side dressing 15

PORTERS GLAM SALAD fresh greens’ crumbled bacon, grape tomatoes, sliced boiled egg, sliced thin red onions, croutons …side dressing 8.5


FRIED TEXAS QUAIL LEGS      habanero honey cider dressing, horseradish aioli     14  

PRIME STEAK TACOS      grilled steak, house made corn tortilla, pickled red onion, cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli    13

3RD COAST SHRIMP COCKTAIL      all the good stuff and more     17

FRIED CALAMARI    wild caught calamari, lightly battered and flash fried     18


Choice of ranch, lemon vinaigrette, or blue cheese dressing

HOUSE GLAM SALAD fine greens, crumbled bacon, cherry tomato, sliced boiled egg, pickled red onion, crouton 4

ATLANTIC SALMON SALAD fine greens, cherry tomato, red onion, crouton, grilled salmon 16

SMOKEHOUSE SALAD fine greens, cherry tomato, red onion, avocado, crouton, grilled shrimp or steak 15


Served a la carte

8oz FILET     39                 

16oz NEW YORK STRIP     48


10oz FILET    49

8oz BAVETTE     44 Farms,Cameron, TX   22

14oz BONE OUT RIBEYE     44 Farms, Cameron, TX     42

Add PORTERS Steak Sauce, Bernaise, Salsa Verde, Creamy Horseradish or Blue Cheese for ($3).

Add grilled shrimp ($10) or butter braised lobster ($12).


WHISKEY-GLAZED PORKCHOP Berkshire pork, Gristmill grits, apple preserve, honey-roasted carrot     32

ATLANTIC SALMON  Prepared with lemon beurre blanc, green beans, loaded whipped potatoes 36

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK  hand breaded, pan gravy, paired with sauteed green beans and loaded whipped potatoes 23

PORTERS PRIME BURGER  Prime steak trimming, white cheddar, 1000 island dressing, french fries     15


Served with Potato Salad, Cole slaw, BBQ beans, Skillet Cornbread& Honey Butter

TWO MEAT    Choose 2:  Sliced or chopped Brisket, Turkey Breast, Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage    21

THREE MEAT   Sliced or chopped Brisket, Turkey Breast, Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage    28


TEXAS LOADED WHIPPED POTATOES     Yukon gold potato, green onion, garlic, sour cream   5

WHOLE CARROTS     spice roasted, honey glazed    5

JUST GOOD-ASS MAC & CHEESE     three cheeses, elbow macaroni, toasted bread crumb    5

WEDGE  FRIES     thick cut steakhouse French fries     5

CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS     soy chili sauce     5

GREEN BEANS prepared with bacon    5

Available for Dine in only. Pricing and availability is subject to change. Many dishes contain raw or undercooked meats, seafood, raw egg and nuts. This may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We are committed to serving you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you for your continued support of Porters. 

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